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Claudia Ben-Yaakov 

Claudia Ben-Yaakov is a specialist business development, electrical engineer, entrepreneur, founder of a Technology Innovation Hub. She has worked with High-Tech companies in R&D and management roles and on 2013 selected to be part of the Economic Empowerment through entrepreneurship fellowship of the USA state department program.

Experienced in founding and managing new projects and technology ventures, innovation based and, strategic planning, building co-operation between companies and organizations.

With creative thinking, positive attitude in personal and business life, strategic thinking, enthusiasm and total commitment is a great player for a great company.

Claudia is fluent in Hebrew, English, Spanish and Slightly German and holds an Engineering degree in electronics.

Claudia Ben-Yaakov
 English CV
 CV  - קלאודיה בן יעקב  עברית 
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